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“Harness your potential as a person and leader.”

Workshops for management teams.

This executive program in voice training caters for those leaders who wish to be strong catalysts in their organisation and who wish to speak from their authentic inner core to a greater degree.


We will complete this full-day workshop from 9 am to 4 pm in a closed group with leaders from the same company. The focus throughout the day will be on practical exercises based on background theory as well as concrete exercises that are assessed and put into perspective. 

The purpose of the executive course is to train leaders to become aware and competent facilitators, including

  • Renew own communication skills.

  • Understanding the meaning and knowledge of one's own grounding. 

  • Learn to solidify the effect of giving both your internal and external voice a similar direction. 

We work in a concrete and physical way with the voice, peeling away all excess so that the leader emerges sharp and vibrant. 

Download the PDF file HERE


What Will You Get out of It?  


As a leader you will come across as self-confident, speak with impact and clarity and have the ability to convey your message with conviction and simplicity so that you will make an impression. From now on your presentations and stories will be remembered!


Contact me regarding your appointment and investment in this exciting executive program. 


Merete Nørgaard

Tlf. +45 26 15 55 92


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